Guilty as Charged (5/31 Impact Wrestling Recap)

Guilty as Charged (5/31 Impact Wrestling Recap)

Impact Wrestling opens with a recap of last week’s Open Fight Night match between Bobby Roode and AJ Styles for the TNA World Championship. Roode retained the championship and became the longest reigning champion but his celebration was cut short by the return of Sting.

We head into the Impact Zone to see the live crowd and lumberjacks surrounding the ring as we are heading into the first match of the night.

Match 1: Bobby Roode vs. Sting (Lumberjack Match)
The bell rings as Sting goes right on the attack and takes Roode down. Roode tries to comeback and hits Sting with a series of chops but they have no effect on Sting, who takes Roode down with a hip toss and a clothesline. Sting then tries for a Scorpion but Roode is able to escape. Roode begins to head to the floor, but the lumberjacks stop him, however, Sting dumps him to the floor as the lumberjacks pick Roode up and roll him back into the ring.

Sting gets Roode into the corner and tries for a Stinger Splash but Roode gets out of the way and dumps him out to the floor. The lumberjacks get in a few shots before rolling Sting before he gets back on the apron and hits Roode with a shoulder block through the ropes. Sting regains control of the match as Roode begins to beg for mercy and tosses Sting out to the floor. The lumberjacks begin to beat down Sting as the other side comes over and breaks it up and rolls Sting back into the ring.

Back in the ring, Roode tries to pick up a pin fall on Sting but he kicks out at a count of two. Roode continues on the attack and picks up another near fall after dropping a knee on Sting. Roode begins to wear Sting down with a waist lock but Sting powers his way out and tries to mount a comeback but Roode takes him down with a big boot to the face. Roode then tosses Sting out to the floor once again and Sting begins to fight them off as we head into a commercial break.

We return to the match to see Roode is still in control of the match and takes Sting down with a suplex for a near fall. Roode again dumps Sting out to the floor as the lumberjacks get in their licks before rolling him back into the ring. Roode backs Sting into a corner and hits him with a series of chops and strikes but Sting brushes them off and hits Roode with a Stinger Splash. Roode goes out to the floor as Sting dives out to the floor and takes out Roode and a number of lumberjacks.

Sting rolls Roode back into the ring and tries to put Roode in a Scorpion Death Lock but Roode is able to counter and puts Sting in a crossface submission. Sting manages to get to the ropes to break the hold but Roode immediately comes back and kicks Sting in the ribs. Roode then tries for a suplex but Sting is able to counter and takes Roode down with a Scorpion Death Drop. Sting then puts Roode in a Scorpion Death Lock and makes Roode tap out to win the match via submission.

Sting’s victory celebration is cut off short as Hulk Hogan’s music hits. Hogan comes out on the stage and calls Sting Impact’s #1 man. Hogan then books Sting in the main event at Slammiversary against Bobby Roode for the TNA World Championship. Sting then soaks up the cheers of the fans as Roode has a concerned look on his face.

We join the announce team who talk about the big news that was just announced by Hogan. They then hype tonight’s live show that will feature AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels. Also Devon will face a challenger that will be voted on by fans for the TV Championship and Brooke Hogan will make her debut as the new executive in charge of the Knockouts Division.

Madison Rayne is backstage and says that she thinks Brooke Hogan and her will get along just fine as she is seen ironing her sash. We then head into the ring where Bully Ray is standing and says he is looking for Joseph Park. Park is sitting in the audience and Ray says he is surprised to see him here this week as we are treated to footage of last week where Ray took him out. Ray says he wants to fight him right now and tells Park to get in the ring.

Park has a shocked look on his face as he slowly makes his way down to the ringside area. Park tells Ray that he doesn’t want to fight but Ray gets under his skin by calling him and his family all cowards. Park then hops the railing as security tries to hold him back but Ray orders them away. Park then enters the ring as Ray tries to get him to fight but Park refuses and he begins to leave the ring. Ray gets him to stop by saying he is changing his plea to guilty to leaving his brother Abyss for dead.

Park comes back into the ring and brings Ray down to his knees but Ray says if Park hits him he will sue. The fans rally behind Park but he backs off and walks away. Park says he will not stoop to Ray’s level but Ray answers back saying he is like his brother and is a coward. Ray then leaves the ring as Park stops him and challenges Ray to a fight right now. Ray says if he wants to fight, they will fight at Slammiversary. Ray walks up the ramp as Park has a look of concern on his face.

The announce team hype the upcoming match between Austin Aries and Chris Sabin for the X Division Championship as we head into a commercial break.

A video package highlighting Crimson’s winning streak is aired that has now spanned 462 days. Crimson is backstage and brags about his streak saying he can’t be beat.

Match 2: Chris Sabin vs. Austin Aries (X Division Championship)
Prior to the match, Austin Aries is seen talking to D’Lo Brown as Samoa Joe walks up behind and has a look of disgust on his face. The bell rings and the two go back and forth with a quick series of X Division action. Aries takes Sabin down with a seated dropkick for a near fall and takes control of the match. Sabin fights back and rolls ip Aries for a near fall but Aries is able to kick Sabin out to the floor and takes him down with a suicide drive on the floor.

Back in the ring, Aries hits Sabin with a missile dropkick but misses with a follow up move. Sabin then kicks Aries out to the floor and heads to the middle rope and dives out to the floor, crashing on Aries. Sabin then hits a springboard neckbreaker for a near fall on Aries. Sabin then picks up Aries in a fireman’s carry but Aries is able to counter Sabin move and rolls Sabin up for a pin fall to retain the X Division Championship.

Footage from earlier in the day is aired where Hulk Hogan is talking to Taz and how he is going to step up as a judge for TNA Gut Check. Taz says he will call it as he sees it as Hogan reminds him how this is the future of TNA as we head into a commercial break.

Footage of the TNA Gut Check judges, Taz, Al Snow, and Bruce Prichard, is aired. They discuss the last competition, Joey Ryan, and his look, which resembles that of a 1970′s porn star. Taz likes the gimmick but Prichard doesn’t seem to. They also talk about how the fans seemed to like him more than Alex Silva. Taz, however, says he doesn’t think he took the match seriously, but Snow thinks he did and wants to see more from him. Prichard says Ryan has both positives and negatives and he will have one last chance to get their attention with one last promo.

Jeremy Borash is backstage with Jeff Hardy, RVD, Mr. Anderson and Robbie E., who are all in the running to face Devon for the Television Championship. Borash says the fans will vote one of the wrestlers in and tells us that there is very little time left to vote on their web site.

Dixie Carter comes out to the ring and says in 10 days, TNA will be 10 years old. Dixie says she is proud of all of the wrestlers and fans that have worked for them and supported them over the years. To honor the occasion, they will be inducting their first member of the TNA Hall of Fame. Dixie then goes on about changes that will be happening and talks about how she has brought in Brooke Hogan as the executive of the Knockouts Division.

Brooke comes out and joins Dixie in the ring as she is welcomed to Impact Wrestling. Dixie says she is looking forward to all Brooke is going to do for them as Brooke thanks Dixie and the fans for welcoming her with open arms. Brooke continues says she has grown up around wrestling and that she has some big yellow boots to fill and thanks Dixie and the Knockouts for the opportunity.

Kazarian and Christopher Daniels are seen backstage looking at a monitor and are upset that Dixie didn’t mention anything about AJ Styles. Daniels reminds Kazarian that this is live TV and they will show everyone what they got. The announce team then hype the upcoming match between AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels and the Television Championship match as we head into a commercial break.

A Slammiversary video package is aired and footage of Christian Cage’s debut is aired. We then head backstage to Jeremy Borash, who announces that Jeff Hardy has been voted to face Devon for the Television Championship and got over 40% of the vote.

Match 3: Devon vs. Jeff Hardy (TNA Television Championship)
The bell rings as the two shake hands before getting things started. The two try to get quick pin falls on each other in the opening moments and continue to go back and forth with neither gaining control of the match. Hardy manages to hit Devon with a Whisper in the Wind but Devon is able to kick out of the pin attempt. Devon then counters Hardy’s offense with a neckbreaker but Hardy is able to kick out of his pin attempt. Devon continues to wear down Hardy with a nerve pinch and picks up another near fall after hitting an elbow drop.

Devon puts Hardy in a chinlock but Hardy fights out of it and takes Devon down with a Twist of Fate. Hardy heads to the top rope but Robbie E. and Robbie T. run out and push him off the top rope. The two then attack both Hardy and Devon as the referee tosses this match out. Devon begins to fight back and takes the two out with a neckbreaker and a jawbreaker. Devon then kneels down as Hardy hits Poetry in Motion and the two clear the ring. The two then give each other a show of respect as Robbie T. looks on.

A video package on James Storm is aired who talks about how he likes being a country boy and loves living in a small town. Storm says living in the country and raising his daughter is his “it” factor and he can’t get enough of it. Storm continues talking about how losing to Bobby Roode in his own backyard has disappointed him and he has made his decision. Storm’s daughter asks him if it means he is going back to wrestling as Storm tells the camera man to shut off the cameras.

A video package highlighting the current events of Christopher Daniels and Kazarian having blackmail on AJ Styles and Dixie Carter. This led up to last week’s Open Fight Night where a distraction cost Styles his shot at the TNA World Championship.

Jeremy Borash is in the ring and says it is time to learn the fate of Joey Ryan. Borash introduces the three Gut Check judges as Bruce Pritchard says they are ready to make their decision. Joey Ryan comes out to the ring and says he is a big deal and is trending worldwide on Twitter. Pritchard says he is a hell of a talent, however, his answer is no. Al Snow is the next judge to voice his opinion and says he doesn’t like Ryan or his attitude, but he see potential in him and gives him a yes.

With Taz holding the final vote, Borash gives Ryan a chance to sway his opinion. Ryan says Taz knows he is money and he doesn’t want to leave it on the table. Taz says he is going to keep it real and says if that’s the promo he gives to save his life, he is out of his mind. Taz gets in his face and gives him a vote of no. Ryan gets in Taz’s face and Taz tells him to go back on the road, get more experience and come back to prove him wrong.

Footage of Bobby Roode and his appearance in London, England, is aired. Roode says people there didn’t think he was a proper challenge, however, he has now become the longest reigning champion in TNA of all time. The announce team then hype the upcoming Slammiversary card that will be headlined by Roode defending the TNA World Championship against Sting.

Match 4: Christopher Daniels vs. AJ Styles
The match starts and Daniels slaps Styles in the face and Styles takes him down with a chop to the chest. Styles follows with a dropkick and continues on the attack until Daniels drops Styles with a right to the jaw. Daniels then hangs Styles up on the ropes and sends Styles flying into the guard railing. Daniels then runs out to the floor and hits Styles with a running kick as we head into a commercial break.

We return to the match and see Daniels is still in control and is working over Styles in the middle of the ring. Daniels hits Styles with a springboard moonsault for a near fall and puts Styles in a headlock but Styles is able to get his foot on the ropes to break the hold. Styles and Daniels begin trading blows until Styles takes Daniels down with a spin kick. Styles follows with a flurry of offense and puts Daniels in a torture rack before slamming him down for a near fall.

Daniels fights back and nails Styles with another right but Styles fights back and takes Daniels down with a flying forearm. Styles and Daniels go back and forth with a series of counters until Styles hits Daniels with a Pele kick. Styles sets up for a Styles Clash but Kazarian runs out a distracts Styles. Styles knocks Kazarian off the apron but Daniels rolls Styles up for a pin fall, however, Styles is able to kick out. Styles then counters Daniels and hits an inverted DDT for the pin fall.

After the match, Kazarian runs in and beats Styles down as Daniels gets up and joins in. Kurt Angle’s music hits and he runs down to the ring to even the odds. Angle takes Kazarian down with an Angle Slam and puts him in an ankle lock, however, Daniels nails Angle with a low blow. Daniels and Kazarian tie Angle to the ropes with zip ties and knock him out with a tag team belt.

Daniels then grabs a microphone and said the two of them have shown them pictures and video of the affair between AJ Styles and Dixie Carter but nobody believes them. They now have further proof of it as a phone conversation between the two is played throughout the Impact Zone. The conversation has them talking about meeting together as Dixie Carter comes out and tells them to turn it off as Impact Wrestling comes to a close.

Quick Results
- Sting defeated Bobby Roode by submission in a Lumberjack Match.
- Austin Aries defeated Chris Sabin by pin fall to retain the X Division Championship.
- Devon and Jeff Hardy fought to a no contest.
- AJ Styles defeated Christopher Daniels by pin fall.