The Boy is Back in Town (2/17 Impact Recap)

The Boy is Back in Town (2/17 Impact Recap)

Impact opens with post-match footage where Jeff Jarrett, Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy giving their thoughts about what went down at Against All Odds. Tonight, Rob Van Dam will get his long awaited shot at Jeff Hardy for the TNA World Championship.

Immortal’s music hits as they make their way to the ring led by Eric Bischoff. Bischoff gets on the microphone and introduces the new World Champion, Jeff Hardy, to the ring. Eric Bischoff says that even though Fortune has left, Immortal is still on top as we see a split screen where Ric Flair is arriving to the Impact Zone. Bischoff then goes on to say that he was planning on giving Hardy a break but he got a call from the network and they want to see Hardy defend his title against RVD. Bischoff then says he will deal with the network but knows that Hardy can get the job done.

Bischoff says everything is returning back to where it should be with Immortal except for one piece, and that is Ric Flair. Bischoff begins to question where Flair is at and says that he will have until next week to come out and explain himself as Bischoff is then cut off by Flair’s music. Flair comes down to the ring and tells the group that nobody tells him what to do. Flair says they are all one happy family and he has the power to bring the family together or separate them. Flair then tells them that he will see them later before leaving the ring.

The Jarrett’s are seen getting a couples massage and are discussing plans for the wedding. The two wonder if he will be fitted for a tuxedo and Jeff Jarrett claims to be a role model for every man in America as he knows how to treat a woman as we head into a commercial break.

We return to the show to see a brawl going on backstage as AJ Styles is attacking Matt Hardy. The rest of Immortal and Fortune run in to the fight as security and agents run in to separate the two sides. We then join the announce team who talk about the Against All Odds pay-per-view as we are shown still photos of the event. Hernandez is then seen in the backstage area and is chatting with Sarita and Rosita as we head into our first match of the night.

Match 1: Douglas Williams vs. Hernandez
Hernandez runs out and attacks Douglas Williams on the entrance ramp for a bit before rolling him into the ring to get this match officially started. Sarita and Rosita are with him and Sarita talks a little smack about Velvet Sky into the camera as Velvet soon makes her way towards the ringside area and attacks Sarita. Angelina Love then comes out as all four of them are fighting around the ring. Back to the action in the ring, Hernandez hits Williams with the Border Toss to pick up the pin fall.

Eric Bischoff is in the office and is talking on the phone and tells the other person on the line and wants the network to reconsider putting Jeff Hardy in a title match tonight. Bischoff is unsuccessful in his plea and the match is still on for tonight.

D’Angelo Dinero is in the ring that is decorated with island décor and a roasted pig with an apple in its mouth on a table. The Pope calls the pig a Sloppy Joe and says he is going to perform a miracle by feeding all of the fans with just this one Sloppy Joe. Samoa Joe’s music then cuts him off as he begins to head towards the ring. Joe stops on the ramp, though, and Okada nails Pope with a kick from the other side. Joe then enters the ring and nails Pope with a muscle buster through the table. Joe then stuff the apple in Dinero’s mouth before we head into a commercial break.

Robbie E. and Cookie are in the ring and Robbie is upset about his match at Against All Odds as he was prepared to wrestle two guys, not one. Robbie says he has his game plan going tonight and he will become the two time X Division Champion. Kazarian is seen backstage with his wife, Traci Brooks, before coming out of the tunnel for this match. In the ring, Kazarian grabs a microphone and says he has vowed to bring the X Division back to where it where it belongs, as the foundation of TNA. Kazarian says if he wants to do things right, he would send Cookie to the back so they can do this match. Cookie goes to the back as this match then gets underway.

Match 2: Robbie E. vs. Kazarian (X Division Championship)
Robbie goes on the offensive from the start and picks up a couple of near falls in the process. Kazarian is able to get back into the match with a few punches and kicks and is about to hit his inverted piledriver but Cookie runs down to the ring and nails Kazarian with her purse as the referee sees it and disqualifies Robbie. Cookie then slaps Kazarian across the face and she orders Robbie to get the X Division Championship but Traci runs down to the ring and takes Cookie down. Kazarian has to pull Traci off of Cookie as Robbie throws the X Division Title at Kazarian before leaving.

Ric Flair is seen walking in Fortune’s locker room. Flair says he has missed them and throws up the Fortune hand signal before telling Styles to slap Hardy around in their upcoming match. Flair then Ices Styles and Beer Money. Flair takes the beverage from Styles, though, as his match is next and chugs it down for him.

Match 3: Matt Hardy vs. AJ Styles
Styles and Hardy trade blows for a bit before Styles tosses Hardy out to the floor and takes him out by diving over the ropes and onto Hardy. Hardy is able to turn the momentum by sending Styles into the guard railing and picks up a near fall after hitting the Side Effect. Ric Flair makes his way towards the ringside area as Hardy grounds Styles with a head lock. Styles fights his way back into the match and takes Hardy down with a couple of clotheslines and sets up for a Styles Clash but Hardy gets out of it only to be taken down with a dropkick. Styles then heads to the top rope and Flair pushes him off as Hardy hits a Twist of Hate to pick up the pin fall. After the match, Flair gets in the ring and helps Hardy continue to beat down Styles until they are cleared from the ring by Fortune.

Mr. Anderson is seen quickly walking around the backstage area. Anderson tells the viewers to stick around as someone may be getting their ass kicked and it may be Eric Bischoff as we head into a commercial break.

Footage of the Jarrett’s is aired and they are in a hot tub together and feeding each other strawberries and drinking champagne. The two talk about their dream wedding and how Jeff Jarrett will have a big smile on his face when Kurt Angle has to walk Karen down the aisle.

Mr. Anderson’s music hits as he makes his way to the ring with a microphone. Anderson calls out Eric Bischoff and he comes down to the ring by himself. Anderson is irate about the fact that RVD is getting a title shot against Jeff Hardy instead of him getting a rematch. Bischoff says he doesn’t like the match any more than he does but it was brought down to him by the network. Bischoff says the network writes the checks, and thus writes the rules, so they can call the shots. Bischoff suggests that maybe they would want Anderson more if he toned himself down to a PG rating.

Bischoff says he can’t put him in the match tonight, but he can put him in the main event as the special guest referee. He tells Anderson to take advantage of the opportunity and tells him to call the match down the middle so he can eventually get his shot at the title. Anderson then shakes hands with Bischoff to seal the deal before taking Bischoff out with a Mic Check. Anderson then gets in Bischoff’s ear and tells him to tell the network that he will have his rematch one way or another.

Velvet Sky is backstage with Winter and she warns her to stay backstage during their tag team match or else it will be the last thing she does in TNA. Angelina Love also lays down the ground rules with Winter as Winter says Angelina still doesn’t get it yet and it will soon all be revealed. The Knockouts tag team match with the Beautiful People against Sarita & Rosita is up next.

AJ Styles is backstage and sends a message to Ric Flair that if he wants him to meet him in the ring next week on Impact.

Match 4: The Beautiful People vs. Sarita & Rosita
The Beautiful People meet their opponents on the entrance ramp before Velvet rolls Sarita into the ring to get this match started. Velvet dominates both Sarita and Rosita before Angelina is tagged in and score a near fall on Rosita before Sarita breaks it up. The Beautiful People continue to wear down their opponents with a flurry of offense until Sarita hits Velvet with a mule kick to turn the tide of the match. The match then breaks down with all four Knockouts in the ring and Sarita picks up the pin fall after Rosita trips up Velvet and Sarita uses the ropes for leverage.

After the match, Velvet gets on a microphone and says she has had Sarita beat every single time but she always wins after cheating. Velvet says she wants to end it once and for all without any outside interference. Sarita calls Velvet a joke and tells her to up the ante by putting her career on the line.

The Jarrett’s are together in a limo as they discuss dinner plans. A camera then catches up with Kurt Angle and asks where he is going. Angle says he is going to the Jarrett’s dinner party and wouldn’t miss it for the world before getting in a car and taking off.

Madison Rayne is backstage with Tara and is talking about how she has dominated the Knockouts Division and is now going to issue an open challenge to anyone who wants to try to dethrone the queen. Scott Steiner is then shown as he says Rob Terry wants to challenge him to a pose off and he will find out that his favorite pose is his fist down Terry’s throat.

A video package highlighting RVD’s time in TNA is aired. It focuses on him winning the TNA World Championship and having to vacate it due to injury. Jeff Hardy’s turn and championship reign is also hit upon as the two talk about their past friendship and how this match is months in the making. Jeff Hardy says he will finish RVD tonight once and for all and will end his legend.

We join the Jarrett’s who are upset over their less than spectacular meal. The two then toast to better things and their dream wedding on March 3rd. Karen Jarrett then gets upset over the wine and Jarrett screams at the chef and tells him to get his boss out there. Kurt Angle then comes through the door and the two take off as Angle stands there and wonders why they didn’t leave a tip.

Rob Van Dam is backstage and says he is focused on finally getting his hands on Jeff Hardy and winning the TNA World Championship is just a bonus for him. RVD says preparation meets opportunity and his foot will meet Hardy’s face as he will tear him apart. The main event title match is up next.

We join the announce team who talk about the street fight between Brother Devon and Bully Ray and say that it was so shocking and violent that Spike TV wouldn’t let them air footage. Bully Ray then comes out and says his only regret was that he didn’t have another table to put his other son through it. Taz finally stands up and says that Ray is crossing the line and tells him to walk away. Ray says he can do whatever he wants before stating that he taught Devon’s kids a lesson and how they won’t grow up to be a loser like their father because of it. Ray then smacks the headset off of Mike Tenay’s head before finally leaving.

Mr. Anderson comes out with a referee shirt on as he is the special guest referee for the TNA World Championship match.

Match 5: Rob Van Dam vs. Jeff Hardy (TNA World Championship)
The match starts and RVD goes on the offensive by crotching Hardy on the ropes and connecting with a kick to the face. The two head out to the floor where RVD drapes Hardy over the guard railing before hitting Hardy with a leg drop from the ring apron. RVD seems to have landed awkwardly and the two are laid out on the floor as we head into a commercial break.

We return to the match and see RVD connect with a slingshot leg drop and picks up a near fall over Hardy. RVD then slams Hardy down to the canvas and goes for a split leg moonsault but Hardy is able to get his knees up. Hardy then begins to work over RVD and hits a front suplex for a near fall but RVD is able to kick out. Hardy then puts RVD in a head lock before going for a Whisper in the Wind but RVD rolls out of the way. RVD then follows with a Rolling Thunder but Hardy is able to kick out of a pin attempt. RVD then connects with a few spin kicks as he heads to the top rope but Hardy is able to get up and push RVD into the guard railing out on the floor.

Hardy rolls RVD back into the ring and hits the Swanton Bomb but RVD is able to kick out of the pin attempt. Hardy gets in Anderson’s face for the count as RVD is able to hit Hardy with a jawbreaker before connecting with a Five Star Frog Splash, however, Hardy is able to get his foot on the bottom rope to break the count. The two then grapple and back Anderson into a corner and Anderson gets in Hardy’s face as Hardy connects with a mule kick on RVD. Hardy then hits RVD with a Twist of Hate to pick up the pin fall to retain the TNA World Championship.

Mr. Anderson then raises Hardy’s arm in victory before he lays the champion out with a Mic Check. RVD then asks Anderson what happened and Anderson answers him with another Mic Check. Anderson then leaves the ring as Mike Tenay says that when it comes to Anderson it’s once an asshole, always an asshole as Impact comes to a close.

Quick Results
- Hernandez defeated Douglas Williams by pin fall.
- Kazarian defeated Robbie E. by disqualification to retain the X Division Championship.
- Matt Hardy defeated AJ Styles by pin fall.
- Sarita & Rosita defeated the Beautiful People by pin fall.
- Jeff Hardy defeated Rob Van Dam by pin fall to retain the TNA World Championship.

Starman’s Thoughts
I haven’t added in my two cents in a while and I figured there is no time better than the present to add my commentary after tonight’s show.

I really felt let down after watching tonight’s main event. TNA billed it as a match six months in the making but felt no need to hype the match prior to tonight’s show and used the cop out of “the network” to put it on the show. A match between Jeff Hardy and RVD has been simmering for months but it ended up being rushed when it finally got down to it. An extra week to set up the match, or even setting it up to take place on the heavily hyped March 3rd show could have done wonders for it. I’m sure we’ll eventually see the two go at it again in the ring, but starting it like this got it off on the wrong foot.

Ric Flair turning on Fortune could be seen a mile away, however, it is what needed to be done. I like the fact that Fortune consists of TNA “originals” and Flair doesn’t meet that criteria, plus, Robert Roode proved last week that he is money on the microphone, while AJ Styles and Kazarian are holding their own on the stick as well. I’m not sold on an AJ Styles/Ric Flair match just yet, but it has the potential of being entertaining at the very least. While I’m on the topic of Fortune, it was great to see Traci Brooks on television once again.

Speaking of having fond memories of the past, I enjoyed watching Hernandez return to his dominating, bad ass self once again. I still believe that Hernandez has a solid future ahead of him if he is used right and this is a step in the right direction for him. Hernandez as a huge force that is used to do the dirty work and protect the heels has worked in the past to elevate talent to the next level – Kevin Nash and Batista immediately come to mind. It was also great to hear that they ditched his last theme music in favor of the old LAX music. His former music didn’t really paint the picture of a dominating bad ass.

Call it wishful thinking, but I was ready for the D’Angelo Dinero/Samoa Joe feud to end at Against All Odds. It pains me to believe that the creative team couldn’t have come up with a better angle than the one they were given. More wishful thinking on my part leads me to believe that this will play out and lead to bigger and better things for both of them, but I have my doubts. Both Pope and Joe deserve better than this hacked together feud. What are they even at odds about again?

The Knockouts tag team match was sloppy but it served its purpose by setting up a match between Sarita and Velvet Sky. It’s nice to see TNA focus on the Knockout Division outside of the champion, which, by the way, I am looking forward to seeing who steps up to challenge Madison Rayne for the Knockouts Championship. It appeared to me that the seeds were planted for Tara to be one of those challengers, which I would buy in to – especially since Madison pretty much took the title from her by ordering her to lay down and give her the title.

The segments with the Jarrett’s were fine and served a purpose, but what really got to me was the fact that there was little followup on Kurt Angle’s actions at Against All Odds. It was briefly touched upon in the post-match footage that aired in the opening, but Angle didn’t make any mention of them when he decided to crash Jeff and Karen Jarrett’s dinner party. Aside from Jeff Hardy winning the TNA World Championship, this was the biggest story to come out of Against All Odds and it was barely touched upon.

Finally, Scott Steiner said that Rob Terry challenged him to a pose off next week. Do we really need to see this? I’m sure even something as simple as a pose off will have Terry looking awkward in the ring as usual. I guess this gives Steiner something to do since the Main Event Mafia return was flushed down the toilet.