Monster on the Loose (6/24 Impact Recap)

Monster on the Loose (6/24 Impact Recap)

A recap of last week’s 3-way match and heel turn of Abyss opens Impact.  We then head to the Impact Zone as Hulk Hogan’s music hits and he comes down to the ring.  Hogan gets on the microphone and says because of the count out in last week’s main event, he has decided to book a 4-way match at Victory Road for the TNA World Championship.  The four will be Abyss, Jeff Hardy, Mr. Anderson and Rob Van Dam.

Abyss’ classic music then hits as the monster comes down to the ring.  Hogan thanks Abyss for coming out as he wants to ask why he turned last week.  Abyss says he did what he did last week because “they” told him to.  Abyss goes on to say that “they” are coming sooner than he thinks and there is nothing he, Eric Bischoff or Dixie Carter can do about it.  Hogan wants to know what “they” are and Abyss says everyone will find out soon enough and they are going to take over TNA.

Abyss then takes off Hogan’s Hall of Fame ring and says he doesn’t need that piece of garbage anymore and begins choking Hogan before putting the ring down his throat.  Abyss then goes out and grabs a bag of broken glass and pours it on the mat as RVD’s music hits and he comes out and attacks Abyss but ends up being powerbombed by the monster.

Mr. Anderson then comes out and hits Abyss with a series of chair shots to the back but Abyss doesn’t go down.  Anderson then slides out to the floor and pulls out RVD and Hogan to keep them away from Abyss as Abyss begins to yell “they’re coming” into the camera as we head into a commercial break.

After the break the announce team recap what just happened as the docu-cam catches Hulk Hogan talking with Eric Bischoff and is confused as to what Abyss’ motivations are.  Bischoff wants to know what or who got to him and didn’t see him as that type of guy who would turn on him like that.

The Beautiful People are seen in the bathroom getting ready and Velvet Sky isn’t in a joking mood.  Madison Rayne says she needs to get her head in the game or Angelina Love will put her out in a stretcher later tonight.  This leads us into our first match of the night.

Match 1: Angelina Love vs. Velvet Sky
The bell rings and Velvet kicks Angelina out to the floor but Angelina recovers and pulls her out to the floor and begins beating on her.  Velvet, though, is able to sends Angelina into the steel steps before sending her into the ring.  Mike Tenay then announces that tonight’s main event will see Mr. Anderson take on Abyss in a no disqualification match.

Back to the action in the ring, Velvet then hits the Skyliner and tries for another one but Angelina counters with a clothesline and a big boot.  Angelina then heads out for a chair but Velvet takes her down with an awkward takedown.  Velvet then tries for a DDT onto the chair but Angelina counters and takes her out with a DDT onto it as she is disqualified from the match.  Madison Rayne then comes out as Angelina says that she has taken two out and only has one more to go.  Madison says that she will not be winning the title.

The docu-cam catches up with Jay Lethal who is visited by his brother who says he cannot believe he is wrestling Ric Flair at Victory Road.  Lethal tells his brother that there is free food in catering as he knows how much he loves to mooch off people.

The docu-cam catches up with Kevin Nash and Eric Young and Nash is talking about distancing himself from Scott Hall.  Nash then tells Young that he shouldn’t be a part of it as the share an embrace and part ways.

Matt Morgan comes down to the ring and said he told everybody that he was walking out of Slammiversary as a winner.  Morgan says he doesn’t fear Hernandez and is calling him out right now.  The announce team state that Hernandez is in Mexico at the moment doing PR work but Morgan says it proves his point and Hernandez fears Morgan.  Morgan says he welcomes a cage match against him at Victory Road and will prove once again that he is better than him.

Morgan then begins to pose a little for the fans as he is attacked from behind by Homicide.  Morgan, though, takes him out and kicks his head up against the ring post, leaving Homicide lying on the ground.  Morgan tells the camera that this is what Hernandez has to look forward to inside the steel cage.

The docu-cam sneaks up on AJ Styles and Ric Flair in the back and Styles is worried about receiving a package.  Flair says he needs to stop worrying about the package and tells him to get his head into the game as they walk off looking for somebody.

Match 2: Kazarian vs. Jay Lethal
The match starts and Kazarian leap frogs over referee Slick Johnson to attack Jay Lethal and picks up a quick pin attempt.  Kazarian continues on the attack before putting Lethal in a headlock.  We then head to some commotion in the back as Ric Flair and AJ Styles are beating on Lethal’s brother.  Back to the match, Lethal fights his way out of the headlock and takes Kazarian down with a springboard elbow and nearly puts Kazarian away with a roll up.

Lethal then goes for the Lethal Combination but Kazarian counters and drives Lethal down to the mat.  Kazarian then tries for his inverted piledriver but Lethal counters and hits the Lethal Injection to pick up the pin fall.  Lethal then goes out and celebrates in the crowd as Ric Flair appears on the big screen and says this is an example of what will happen to him at Victory Road.

Jeff Jarrett is seen walking in the back as he is on his way into the Impact Zone to go up against Sting.  The announce team then hypes tonight’s main event of Mr. Anderson and Abyss but Jarrett and Sting are up next.

Match 3: Jeff Jarrett vs. Sting
Sting fails to come out of the entrance tunnel but is spotted in the rafters.  Jarrett leaves the ring and heads up the stairs to confront Sting.  The two fight their way down to the ring as another Sting then appears in the ring.  Jarrett brings Sting into the ring but then realizes that it isn’t the real Sting.  The real Sting begins choking Jarrett with his bat before hitting Jarrett with the bat.  Sting then grabs a microphone and says if Jarrett is going to walk with them, he is going to go down with them before leaving the ring.

A video package hyping Bound for Glory in October is aired.  The package reveals that it will take place on 10.10.10 live from Daytona Beach, Florida, and promises that one night will change everything.

A video package focusing on Desmond Wolfe’s debut and his feud against Kurt Angle is aired.  Wolfe is then standing in the ring and is going up against Angle once again in a match that will take place right now.

Match 4: Desmond Wolfe vs. Kurt Angle
The announce team bring up that Wolfe is ranked one spot ahead of Angle in the Top 10 Contenders rankings.  The match starts and the two go back and forth in the opening moments of the match until Angle misses with a shoulder block in the corner and ends up hitting the ring post.  Wolfe begins to focus on Angle’s arm as Chelsea looks on in disgust and the two share some words.

Wolfe continues to wear down Angle’s arm with a submission hold but Angle breaks out and tries for an ankle lock but Wolfe kicks him off.  Angle, though, is able to comeback and picks up a two count after hitting an belly-to-belly overhead suplex.  Angle then hits a series of German suplexes before trying to hit an Angle Slam but Wolfe counters and takes Angle down with a hammerlock takedown.

Wolfe then tries for the Tower of London but Angle is able to counter into the Angle Slam.  Angle then puts Wolfe in an ankle lock and he taps out shortly afterwards.  Chelsea is then seen with a smirk on her face from on the floor as Angle holds up eight fingers.

The docu-cam is with Mr. Anderson who says he has scars all over his body because of Abyss and his style of wrestling.  Anderson, though, says he is ready for whatever Abyss is going to throw at him tonight and will throw it right back at his face.

A video package focusing on Douglas Williams and his reign as the X Division Champion is aired.  Williams is then seen in the ring and says that he lives by a code of conduct and needs to re-educate the X Division in both wrestling and in sportsmanship.  Williams then tells Brian Kendrick to come out so he can be taught a lesson on professionalism and sportsmanship.

Kendrick comes out with a microphone and says the two will be in a match at Victory Road and they will be something for both of them.  Kendrick says it will be an Ultimate X match but it can also end by submission.  Williams then suggested that they both walk away and continue this at the pay-per-view but Williams decides to attack Kendrick.  Kendrick, though, puts Williams in a cobra clutch before leaving the champion on the canvas.

Abyss is seen talking to himself in the back and is saying that everyone will realize why he did what he did because “they” told him to do it.  He says they asked him to pave the way for them and his next target is Mr. Anderson.

After a commercial break we see Shannon Moore beating up Brother Ray as Jesse Neal is laid out in the background.  Security has to pull him off as Brother Devon comes in and yells at Ray for making a fool out of him recently.  Devon warns Ray not to test him.

Match 5: Beer Money vs. Ink Inc. (TNA Tag Team Championship Series Finals)
The Motorcity Machine Guns are with the announce team to see who they will take on at Victory Road for the TNA Tag Team Championship.  Shannon Moore also comes out to the ring by himself as Neal was just laid out in the back.  Moore, though, is able to hold his own and clears out the ring as Tommy Dreamer is seen walking in the crowd and is with Raven and Stevie Richards.

Back to the match, the numbers game catches up with Moore as Beer Money turns the match into their favor.  Jesse Neal finally stumbles his way out to the ring as Beer Money hits a series of double team moves on Moore to continue wearing him down.  Moore, though, mounts a comeback and takes out both Roode and Storm before tagging Neal into the match.

Neal comes in and this match breaks down as Moore sends Roode out to the floor before diving out on top of him.  Neal then blocks a superkick from Storm and nearly rolls him up but Storm is able to kick out.  Storm then takes a swig of beer and spits it into Neal’s eyes before Beer Money hits the DWI move to pick up the pin fall and advance to Victory Road to face the Machine Guns for the TNA Tag Team Championship.

The docu-cam sneaks up on AJ Styles and Kazarian arguing in the locker room and are talking about wrestling Jay Lethal.  Styles finally notices a package on the bench and rips it open to find a version of his action figure.  Styles gloats about having a figure made of himself, unlike Kazarian, and walks away.

Footage of Abyss and his actions from last week is aired in which he took out both Jeff Hardy and Mr. Anderson.  We also see what he did to Hulk Hogan from earlier in the show as we head into tonight’s main event.

Match 6: Abyss vs. Mr. Anderson (Falls Count Anywhere No Disqualification Match)
Anderson comes out and goes right on the attack and takes Abyss down with a Lou Thesz press.  Abyss rolls out to the floor and Anderson goes out and grabs a chair but Abyss punches it into his face.  Abyss then slides the chair into the ring and sets it up but Anderson sends him into it with a drop toe hold.  Anderson then hits Abyss in the back with the chair before going for the pin and picking up a two count.

Anderson then sets the chair up in the corner before going under the ring and grabbing a kendo stick.  Abyss follows him out and Anderson repeatedly connects with shots from the kendo stick until Anderson misses and hits the ring post.  Abyss then recovers and begins choking out Anderson before sending him into the entrance ramp.

Abyss then rolls Anderson back into the ring and begins hitting Anderson with a chair and places a chair on Anderson’s chest.  Abyss is about to give Anderson a splash but Anderson holds up the chair and crotches Abyss.  Anderson then tries for a Swanton Bomb but Abyss counters by holding up the knees.  Abyss then tosses Anderson face-first into the chair in the corner before hitting the Shock Treatment for the pin fall.

After the match, Abyss sends Anderson out onto the entrance ramp and is about to drop him off the entrance ramp like he did to Jeff Hardy last week but Anderson begins fighting back.  Anderson then tries for the Mic Check but Abyss counters and drives Anderson through a table from on top of the stage.

Abyss then stands there as Hulk Hogan comes out and cracks Abyss in the back with a steel chair.  The chair shot does not phase Abyss the two stare each other down and security steps in the middle of them.

Quick Results
- Velvet Sky defeated Angelina Love by disqualification.
- Jay Lethal defeated Kazarian by pin fall.
- Jeff Jarrett and Sting fought to a no contest.
- Kurt Angle defeated Desmond Wolfe by submission.
- Beer Money defeated Ink Inc. by pin fall.
- Abyss defeated Mr. Anderson by pin fall.

Starman’s Thoughts
Tonight was a solid show that seemed to have good focus and direction.  For starters, it was kicked off with a great opening that did a few things right – it focused on the huge story coming out of last week’s show, set up the main event at Victory Road, and opened a new compelling storyline with Abyss and whomever “they” are.

Unlike WWE with their anonymous general manager, I don’t see many different options when it comes to who Abyss may be talking about.  This may be too obvious, but my guess is with Tommy Dreamer and anyone else from ECW that they can get to come over to TNA.  Dreamer showed up just before Abyss’s match tonight, just as he did last week, and Abyss has been going back to his hardcore and violent style as of late.  I just hope this isn’t drawn out for months before it is finally revealed.

Kurt Angle and Desmond Wolfe had a decent television match this week even though it was predicable as to how the match was going to turn out.  Even so, I could watch Angle and Wolfe go at it time and time again without being bored.  I seem to be saying that a lot when it comes to Angle and the likes of Wolfe, AJ Styles or Kazarian.

One thing that I didn’t like, however, is that I was under the impression that Angle would be facing the contenders at the monthly pay-per-views instead of on Impact.  Yes, Angle/Wolfe has been done several times on PPV recently, but this is a bit different as it has a different angle working with it.  I guess I don’t mind it being on Impact but I feel that these matches could be special if given a good amount of time to work with.

Speaking of Angle/Wolfe, it was great to see TNA acknowledge their history with a very well put together video package.  There actually seemed to be a few great video packages on tonight’s show and it seems that TNA is really stepping up in that department.  Giving the fans a little extra like that can go a long way in getting the angle over with the fans.

Such was the case as the X Division Championship and Douglas Williams.  Before his promo tonight we were treated to a wonderful video package highlighting Williams’ time as the champion and how he wants to change the division.  The video package itself was small but it seemed to help out immensely as a lead in to his promo and confrontation with Brian Kendrick.  I hope we see more like that in the future.

Another thing I would like to see in the future is the return of the LAX.  I was a huge fan of that tag team and hated that TNA decided to break Homicide and Hernandez up.  I still feel that Hernandez could be a major player in the singles division, but there is no need for a rift to be between the former partners.  I hope that what happened tonight with Homicide signifies the rebirth of the duo.

Finally, one thing that really bothered me tonight was the lack of Rob Van Dam.  It isn’t hard to understand that the World Champion should be one of the main focuses of the show but he has barely been seen from over the past two weeks.  At least have him give some thoughts on the 4-way match at Victory Road or something.