The Band (1/14 Impact Recap)

The Band (1/14 Impact Recap)

A video recap of last week’s live edition kicks off Impact.  The pyro then hits as we are welcomed to tonight’s show that promises to announce the main event for Genesis, which is coming up this Sunday on pay-per-view.

Match 1: Generation Me vs. the Motorcity Machine Guns
The Motorcity Machine Guns start off strong against the new tag team of Generation Me, which consist of Max and Jeremy (a/k/a the Young Bucks).  We take a break from the action to see Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Sean Waltman walking together backstage.  Back to the action, Max takes Sabin with a springboard neckbreaker before tagging in Jeremy.  Generation ME then go on the assault and match the quickness and high flying of the Guns and nearly put the match away on several occasions.  They finally do put the match away after hitting their trademark More Bang for Your Buck finisher on Shelley to score the pin fall.

We head back to Team 3D’s dressing room where the Nasty Boys have completely trashed the place.  Team 3D tries to get into the room but the door is locked and Nasty Boys announce that it is their locker room now.

A video package airs with Hulk Hogan saying that AJ Styles and Kurt Angle raised the bar last week and says Kurt Angle’s will get his last shot in 2010 against AJ Styles at Genesis.  Hogan also states that they have signed a major impact player who will change the game in a heartbeat and promises that the whole world will be surprised at Genesis.

Kurt Angle comes down to the ring and gives credit to AJ Styles and says that he has earned everything on his own and was the better man last week.  At Genesis, though, the better man will be himself.  Styles’ music hits and he says the fans want to see them go at it one more time as the two show mutual respect for each other and shake hands.

As AJ Styles leaves the ring, he is attacked by a masked man on the entrance ramp and is brought back into the ring.  The man levels Styles with a clothesline before he finally takes off the mask to reveal that it is Tomko.  Tomko leaves Styles lying in the ring and walks away.

Christy Hemme is backstage with the Band but Bubba the Love Sponge comes in and takes over the interview.  Bubba wants to know the whereabouts of Mick Foley but they dodge the question.  Since this is going nowhere, he sends it back to the announce team.

Match 2: The Beautiful People vs. Awesome Kong & Hamada (Non-title Match)
Prior to the match, Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne stop by and hug Angelina Love, who is sitting ringside, as Lacey Von Erich looks on.  The match starts as the Beautiful People work over Hamada in the early going.  A little too much cockiness and showboating allows Hamada to tag in Kong, who decimates the Beautiful People and puts away the match with a sit out powerbomb on Madison to get the pin fall.

Angelina Love comes into the ring to check on Madison before she takes down Lacey and spearing Velvet.  Angelina begins to focus solely on Velvet as she sends her into the guard railing and says that she cannot be replaced and walks away.

AJ Styles bursts into Eric Bischoff’s office and demands to know where Hulk Hogan is.  Bischoff says he is busy and says that he can help him.  Styles is irate over what Tomko has done to him over the past couple of months.  Bischoff wants to know what Styles wants him to do about it.  Styles wants Tomko in a match tonight but Bischoff tries to talk him out of it due to his match against Angle on Sunday.  Bischoff, though, says that he needs a main event for the night and says that Styles can have his revenge match if he puts the TNA World Championship on the line.  The two shake hands and make the match official.

Jeremy Borash meets up with Eric Bischoff in his office and wants to know where Mick Foley is at.  Bischoff says that what happened to Mick Foley last week is on Borash’s hands as he was the one that let Foley into the building.  As for his whereabouts, he doesn’t have a clue where he is at and warns Borash not to cross Bischoff again.

Beer Money then walks into the office and introduces themselves to Bischoff.  They says that they don’t have a problem with him, but they do have a problem with the boys that he brought in with him.  Beer Money demands a match with Hall & Nash at Genesis and Bischoff says he will get back to them on it.

Lethal Consequences is coming out to the ring for a match against Team 3D but before the match can start, Bobby Lashley comes out and destroys Lethal Consequences.  Kristal Lashley comes into the ring and says that they still have not had their meeting with Hulk Hogan and promises that until they get it, Bobby will destroy the TNA roster one by one.  As the Lashley’s leave, Team 3D come out to the ring and Brother Ray is carrying an axe to the ring.

Match 3: Lethal Consequences vs. Team 3D
The match is still on as the bell rings and Team 3D hits the 3D on Consequences Creed to score the pin fall over their fallen opponents.

Brother Ray asks for a microphone and says that they were informed by the Japanese press about what happened over in the United States with the Nasty Boys.  Ray says the team has ridden the coattails of Hulk Hogan and wonders where they have been in the past 10 years.  They then say they are going to take their locker room back and leave the ring with the axe.

We head to the back as Brother Ray destroys the door and gets in but they are attacked from behind by Knobbs and Sags.  They then welcome Team 3D to Nastyville and leave them lying in filth in their locker room.

Tomko’s history with AJ Styles is aired and Tomko claims to have taught Styles everything that he knows.  He says that they were the greatest tag team in history but he thinks that Styles has forgotten about that.

Sean Morley comes out to the ring with a microphone and says that himself and TNA were made for each other.  Morley talks about his adult film past but says that he is a new man and says he is a director, producer and distributer of dramatic films.  He talks about coming to TNA and realizing that they were missing one key element, a film division.  Morley talks about making works of art for TNA Films as he is cut off by Daniels’ music.

Daniels comes down to the ring and shakes his hand and welcomes him to TNA.  Daniels wants to pitch a screenplay to Morley about a hero and a sleazebag before attacking Morley.  Daniels drives him down to the ring and hits the BME and tells Morley to take his brand of crap and get out of TNA.  Daniels says he didn’t climb back to the top to lose it to a person like him and continues to beat him down but Morley begins to make a comeback and clotheslines Daniels out of the ring.

A video package highlighting the feud between ODB and Tara is aired.  These two will meet up once more for the title at Genesis in a two-of-three falls match.  We then see Jeff Jarrett walking in the back with a guy in a suit as we head into a commercial break.

Match 4: Matt Morgan & Hernandez vs. Beer Money
James Storm starts out strong against Hernandez as Beer Money gets the early advantage.  While Beer Money showboats a bit, Hernandez rolls over to his corner and tags in Morgan, who quickly turns the tide of the match.  Hernandez tags himself back in to the match and takes Roode down with a huge shoulder block before diving out the ring and onto both members of Beer Money.  Rob Terry then comes out and attacks Hernandez from behind and the referee calls for the disqualification.

Morgan and Terry fight to the back as the Band walks out of the entrance tunnel.  Sean Waltman goes into the ring and is quickly attacked by Beer Money but Kevin Nash and Scott Hall come in and turn the tide with the numbers.  With the Band beating down Beer Money, security and referees storm the ring to try and stop the attack.  Eric Bischoff’s music then hits as he comes out with a smile on his face and we head into a commercial break.

We return to see that during the commercial break, Eric Bischoff told Beer Money to be careful for what they wish for because the next round will be on him.  In the ring, Bischoff is standing with the Band and wonders what he is going to do with them.  Bischoff says he feels the need to make a match with Hall & Nash against Beer Money at Genesis.  The four of them embrace in the ring as we see Sting standing in the rafters.

Another package with Tomko talking about AJ Styles is aired.  This time Tomko talks about a shoulder injury and that’s when Styles started to make his rise.  Tomko says that he tried to contact Styles to congratulate him about his recent accomplishments but Styles never returned any of his calls.

Match 5: Desmond Wolfe vs. Samoa Joe
D’Angelo Dinero joins the announce team for this match to get a closer look at his Genesis opponent.  The match starts and Joe goes right on the attack with a series of rapid fire punches and kicks.  Joe goes for the rear naked choke but Wolfe breaks out of it only to be slammed down to the mat.  Wolfe is finally able to get in some offense and sets up for the Tower of London but Joe counters with a rear naked choke but Wolfe counters and finally hits the Tower of London and picks up the pin fall.

As Wolfe walks past the announce table, he says that he will do the same to him on Sunday that he just did to Joe.  Wolfe calls the Pope’s victory last week a fluke and promises to kill him.

A limo is seen arriving in the parking lot and Ric Flair comes out of it and heads into the Impact Zone as Mike Tenay says the Nature Boy will be joining them on commentary.

Another video is aired where Tomko talks about putting on a mask and attacking Styles from behind.  He says that he pretended to be his friend and helped him win a 10-man tag team match and he is finally getting a shot at AJ Styles for the TNA World Championship.

Jeff Jarrett and his lawyer storms into Hogan’s office and says he wants to talk about the company that he founded.  Jarrett gets in Hogan’s face and says the young guys in TNA aren’t worth a damn.  Jarrett says Hogan came close to crossing the line last week of character deformation and that’s why his lawyer is present.  Bischoff butts in and says that he is sick of hearing about Jarrett starting TNA and tells him that he would have gone broke with Dixie Carter.  Bischoff then gives Jarrett the opportunity to leave or lace up the boots and compete like everyone else.

Jarrett ignores Bischoff and goes back to Hogan and calls him a bozo, which gets Hogan up to his feet.  Hogan says he was hired to run TNA and threatens Jarrett before telling him to get out of his office.  After Jarrett leaves, Bischoff says he needs an attitude adjustment and Hogan says he will get it real soon.

Ric Flair makes his grand entrance into the Impact Zone with an updated version of his classic theme song, which now includes a guitar part, as we head into a commercial break.

Match 6: Tomko vs. AJ Styles (TNA World Championship)
Ric Flair joins the announce team to observe the main event. Flair talks about meeting AJ Styles for the first time last week and says that the current champion got to meet the greatest champion of all time.

Styles goes right on the attack during Jeremy Borash’s ring introductions as the fights spills out to the floor.  The match returns to the ring as Kurt Angle walks out to get a closer look at the action.  Back to the action, Tomko fights his way back into the match and takes Styles down with a big boot to the face.   Tomko gets a two count on the champion as we head into a commercial break.

We return to the match to see Tomko still in control and nearly puts Styles away with a snap slam and pin fall.  Styles then makes a quick comeback and puts Tomko away with a Pele kick and scores the pin fall.  Tomko is quick to get back up and begins to beat down Styles as Angle runs into ring and chases Tomko out.

Angle hands Styles the TNA World Championship and extends his hand for a handshake but Styles walks away.  Ric Flair is shown looking on with a smile on his face as Angle has a confused look on his face.

A video package previewing the Genesis pay-per-view is aired as Impact comes to a close.

Quick Results
- Generation Me defeated the Motorcity Machine Guns by pin fall.
- Awesome Kong & Hamada defeated the Beautiful People by pin fall.
- Team 3D defeated Lethal Consequences by pin fall.
- Matt Morgan & Hernandez defeated Beer Money by disqualification.
- Desmond Wolfe defeated Samoa Joe by pin fall.
- AJ Styles defeated Tomko by pin fall to retain the TNA World Championship.

Starman’s Thoughts
Tonight’s Impact was the long awaited follow up to their live edition that took place over a week ago.  In my mind, tonight’s show had to accomplish two things – pick up where the live show left off and go into ultra-hype mode for Genesis.  We got a little of both tonight, but the show lacked that excitement and edge that last week’s show had so much of.

For starters, I believe that the nostalgia of the familiar faces has started to wear off and a few of them are already starting to wear out their welcome.  I think that it was a good idea to keep Hogan’s television time to a minimum, however, it’s too bad that the same didn’t go for some of the others – those others being “the Band” and Sean Morley.

The Band – Nash, Hall and Waltman – and Morley were all pretty much up to their usual gimmicks and have gotten their way onto the Genesis card.  Hall & Nash will be taking on Beer Money while Morley is going up against Daniels.  Neither of the matches sound to thrilling to me, especially after being rushed on to the card.  Not to mention the fact of having to witness Scott Hall wrestle a match in the shape he is currently in.  One can hope that this is for a short term and all will get better soon.

A couple of other names that could almost be added to the list is the Nasty Boys.  I have to say that I’m not banking on a lot of people wanting to put their hard earned money down on seeing these two wrestle anymore, however, I have to think that they could put on an entertaining match with Team 3D.  The two teams are pretty much mirrors of each other, and although the match would have been a lot better 15 years ago, this could end up being a diamond in the rough.  I’ll give the Nasty Boys this one feud before I make the call to get them out of TNA.

So, to recap, after the biggest Impact ever, we are followed up with more of Hall, Waltman, Morley and the Nasty Boys.  Hogan and Flair made small cameos, but there seems to be something missing.  Oh yeah, Jeff Hardy.

Yes, Hardy has run in to some legal troubles as of late, but that doesn’t mean they downplay what was possibly the biggest surprise appearance from last week.  Of course, TNA could be trying to separate themselves from Hardy for the time being, but Hardy was one of the bigger draws in the past year and should at least get some mention instead of being glossed over in recaps of last week’s show.

Orlando Jordan was also absent this week, but I doubt anyone actually noticed.

As if all of these new faces weren’t enough, a new tag team made their debut this week called Generation Me.  The team took on the Motorcity Machine Guns and pulled the surprise victory to make an instant statement.  I’m looking forward to seeing more of this tag team and feel that they have already made the stacked tag team division even better.  My only complaint with their debut was that they didn’t get any sort of proper introduction to the fans.  A video package or interview segment would have worked wonders.

On top of all that, it was announced that another wrestler has signed on with TNA and will be debuting at Genesis.  Hogan made a reference to Jeff Jarrett needing an attitude adjustment, which could be foreshadowing for John Cena, but let’s come back to reality.  My mind instantly thought of Rob Van Dam or Ken Anderson, but it could be anyone.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it isn’t Brutus Beefcake.

Speaking of Hogan and Jarrett, they had a heated confrontation in the back where Jarrett talked down about the young stars of TNA and said that they are not worth a damn.  This is coming from the same Jeff Jarrett who spoke so highly about the young stars in TNA for the past several months.  The same Jeff Jarrett who stated last week that it was personally rewarding to give the young talent a place to start.  I’m not sure where this is going as of yet, and I have a feeling that the writers don’t either.

Furthermore, last week’s big finish was seeing the Band beat down Mick Foley in Hogan’s office.  This week, though, there was no sign of Foley and not a word of it from Hogan.  TNA dropped the ball on this one as any new fan who tuned in last week didn’t get any sort of resolution or even a tiny bit of development on the angle aside from nobody knew where Foley was.  Probably not a good way to retain new fans.

Even though there was no new light shed on the Band/Hogan/Foley situation, one angle did come to a head and that was of the masked man that has been attacking AJ Styles.  It was no surprise to see that it was Tomko and I’m glad TNA stuck with the original plans and didn’t try to pull a fast one on the fans.  This angle has had a slow build to it and it almost seemed like it played out in full on tonight’s show.  Tomko revealed himself as the attacker, Styles requested a match, Styles puts title on the line and easily pins Tomko.  This angle may have just ended as abruptly as the main event did.

Plus, what was up with the video packages throughout the night.  Did Tomko just have these lying around for use once he revealed himself?  The video packages were a little much for something that just happened less than an hour earlier.

Before I get myself into any more of a Jim Cornette style rant here, I will say that I was glad to see Desmond Wolfe score a meaningful victory on tonight’s show.  I mentioned last week after his loss to D’Angelo Dinero that Wolfe was losing all of his momentum.  This week he regained some of the momentum by defeating Samoa Joe.  Not only did he defeat Joe, though, he defeated him cleanly… in about four minutes.  The same Joe that also holds a briefcase with a future TNA World Title shot.  Can’t help but question that booking decision.

After a huge show last week, TNA really needed to put their best foot forward to keep that momentum going.  I think they really dropped the ball on it, though, as after all of the hype died down they really seemed to be spinning their wheels and making questionable creative decisions.

To end this on a positive note, it was nice to see Angelina Love back in TNA.

As always, I will be offering up my Genesis predictions this weekend as we head into the first pay-per-view of 2010.